As an administrator you need things to be as easy as possible so you don’t spend all your time bogged down with issues/complicated settings or even having to modify the source code on a regular basis.

The administrator’s ideal system is: Secure: With known bugs being fixed quickly and regularly and a proven history of success in real world applications. Easy to set up and run: Site creation is relatively simple and it is not necessary for you to become an expert in a myriad of other technologies before being able to use Drupal. Intuitive to work with: Once you’ve started, it should be easy for you to learn new things even if you’re not really a technical person.

Flexible and easy to extend: Drupal can do it; whether you’re looking for a basic website or a really sophisticated, unique and ground-breaking site. Ultimately, how easy a site is to use depends on how the creator decides to present information and content. That being said, Drupal is famous for being secure, easy to set up and run, intuitive, flexible and easy to extend. This is good news for admins and users alike!