Drupal Code Review

If you are inheriting a website with legacy code or you suspect an existing website has buggy or problematic code, it may warrant a code review. Our expert Drupal developers are well versed in HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and Symfony; to name a few web development languages.
Full Stack Developer Review

As full stack developers we are versatile and professional coders with an eye for clean code that adheres to modern standards. If you are wondering about the quality of the code in your existing website or web application, conducting a code review will give you the real stats on standards violations, warnings, errors, and recommendations for a best practices codebase clean up.

Level 1 Code Review
Check Drupal Coding Standards
Check for Code in the Database
Check Drupal Log Files for Warnings & Errors

Level 2 Code Review
All of Level 1
Check Drupal Best Practices
Check Custom Code

Level 3 Code Review
All of Level 1 and 2
Performance Testing
Check for Security Issues

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