Drupal Mobile Web Development

Having a responsive website design is now a must have for modern website owners. The web development of your mobile website or application should match the mobile friendly design. Ensuring that your website is programmed to perform consistently across all mobile devices requires more than an update to your CSS and theme files. In some cases, the entire website architecture should be reworked to accommodate the habits and expectations of mobile users. Do your website pages load as quickly on mobile devices with a 3G connection as they do on a 75MB cable modem connection? Does the mobile user experience need to be reworked with new development features to accommodate the latest mobile phones and tablets?

Mobile First Design & Development
Our developers are well versed in Mobile First Website Design. This means that the entire project considers the fundamental building blocks of mobile design principles from the start. This approach can have a drastic effect on your website project as development tasks are shifted to accommodate the new priority of the mobile web user. Developing a website with mobile users in mind first does not mean that the eventual desktop users are forgotten, but rather, they benefit from the selective process of prioritizing the most important aspects of the website for mobile devices. Our development team has worked this approach into our website architecture process and is ready to walk your next mobile web development project through to completion.

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