Drupal Module Development

Drupal Module Development
Commercial Progression specializes in custom Drupal module development. Far from ordinary site builders, our Michigan and Chicago based Drupal developers are accomplished software authors, multilingual coders, and classically educated object oriented programmers. When your Drupal project calls for the creation of new Drupal modules, our team is ready to scope out the project, architect the spec, deliver the module, and support the new project into the future.

Custom Module Development
Drupal was designed with augmentation in mind, your project is not done right until Drupal has been extended to meet the specific needs of your project's use case. Working with an accomplished Drupal consultant that can not only suggest the best way forward, but also put that advice into practical code commits is the secret sauce of enterprise grade Drupal success.

Open Source Software Developers
Drupal's open source foundation makes it extremely extensible, but only if you know how to manage open source software development projects. Our development team maintains well manicured GitHub and Bitbucket code repositories. Our involvement as regular contributors to the Drupal project and the Drupal Association not only makes us good citizens, but also tight coders under the scrutiny, standards, and best practices of other world-class developers.

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