Drupal Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design ensures that every page on your website reformats intuitively for traditional desktop computer monitors, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, televisions, and a growing number of internet enable devices. Websites are only useful when they are received well by the person and device visiting. Today, that visiting person may be using any number of different devices alone or in concert to browse your website. Every website that we create comes with a custom Drupal theme that is responsively designed to work on every device.

Mobile First Design
Responsive design considerations begin with the initial wireframes and continue through final site testing to ensure a clean user experience and cross platform device compatibility. By starting with the mobile platform as the primary consideration, the design process is focused on the minimal design components necessary to fulfil key user story tasks. This approach yields elegant designs and clean code for the entire web project. Compared to building out a complete desktop experience and then pairing it down as an afterthought for mobile phones, mobile first design is a superior approach to designing and programming responsive websites.

HTML5 Web Design
HTML5 is the latest standard in the HTML coding spec. We design all of our websites with clean HTML5 and JavaScript code. Plus, if your website needs to meet 508 compliance, we have the experience to deliver on accessibility driven and compliant web designs.

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